A Bite in the Butt

Science… it never ceases to amaze me.

We have all heard the “right brain left brain” theory that says that humans have a more dominant part of the brain which makes us either more creative or more analytic. This is why we are said to be more drawn to certain groups of study; one being in the realm of math and the sciences relating to analytic ways and the other being the arts and music relating to creative ways, for example. If you’re curious to which side you’re drawn to, here’s a quiz I took that gave me some interesting answers. Turns out I am smack dab in the middle with a 49% left brain and 51% right brain meaning that I am not stronger in either hemisphere, but almost equally shared. Apparently I’m both creative and analytic, which in my case is a very, very good thing.

You see, I am both a biology and a photojournalism major. My first two and a half years of college were dedicated to the hard sciences, and let me tell you folks, they don’t mess around with the hard sciences. I’m talking chemistry, physics, math, and a plethora of biology classes. All of which can seriously lower your GPA if you don’t give each and every class 100%. I’m a professionally trained nerd. They even pay me to be a mentor to other nerds in a Residential College that I am a peer mentor for, and I’m so lucky to have such a job. People in my photojournalism classes are always surprised when I whip out my notebook and start taking notes on everything the professor is teaching. I can’t help it though, it feels wrong to me to not take notes. So, I’m the fish out of water; the black sheep. I’m used to being quiet in class and listening to an hour long lecture about the endocrine system of mammals, for example. Now I’m in classes that need to speak up, communicate my ideas, listen to others ideas, and question what is being taught. It’s a polar opposite to what my first years of college were, and I’m ready for the challenge.


Right. Wondering why science never ceases to amaze me? Turns out the whole right brain left brain theory may be complete crap. At least that’s what these researchers (as well as others) are saying.  Never blindly believe what you think is scientifically proven, it may just come back to bite you in the butt.


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