Suit Up


Have you ever wondered the secret life of nerds in college? Do they go out? Do they have fun? Do they even know their tolerance level? Well suit up with your best bow tie and I’ll bring you into the world of college nerds.


I’m 21 and believe it or not- I occasionally go out. As a college student, my number one priority is studying, and that’s not because I enjoy it as a past time. If you want to smallest amount of successful in the field of science, you need to dedicate at least 95% of your time to it. It’s that extra 5% of time when we nerds get crazy, and I’m completely serious about all of the above.

If you’ve never been to a nerd party, it usually occurs after a big test in one of the major core classes that all the science majors have to take (Organic Chemistry, Physics, Mammalogy Physiology… the list goes on) or on any American college drinking holiday. You may see the occasional rebel drinking out of an Erlenmeyer Flask that they took from the lab they work in.- sometimes they even own their own. For example, look at the super nerdy shot glass I got from the Museum of Science and Industry this weekend.

From then on out, it goes just as any normal college party would go. Drinking games, slightly stupid decisions… surprisingly I haven’t experienced any explosions yet. Usually the gathering includes non-science majors as well, but they don’t always catch on to the chemistry drinking jokes. (if you’re not seeing the humor, here’s a marvelous blog explaining it)

But really folks, we’re just like any other group of college kids. We go out to bars, clubs and parties. The only difference being that, for me at least, it doesn’t happen every weekend.

Being a peer mentor for the science and technology residential college, I hear many stories of my nerds coming back from crazy nights out. (Yeah, I call them my nerds… I know it’s weird). They’re very smart about keeping it on the down low though. You see, our floors in the residential hall are alcohol free. Take that in. No alcohol aloud- regardless of age. That means for me, a 21 year old, I’m not allowed to even store alcohol in my dorm room. If anyone gets caught with even a sealed bottle in their room, it’s bad news bears.


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