I’ve got my cup of coffee, I have a documentary playing behind me and I could not be happier to blog about this subject.

I have such an interest in whales. They fascinate me. Where it comes from- I honestly have no idea. Here’s the sad thing…I’ve never even seen a whale in the wild before. Yep, that’s right. I’m a fake.

Think about this though- they’re mammals just like us, but they live in the water. It’s thought that we come from the same descendent. They breathe air and bear live young. I won’t bore you with all the specifications of being a mammal, but it is incredible to think about the fact that we’re connected to such an incredible group of animals.

If you haven’t seen “Blackfish,” I recommend you watch it- but definitely with a skeptical mindset. The movie is criticized for being a biased representation of the subject- which makes some question its classification as a documentary. Now some of the trainers of the film are coming out and saying that they never would have agreed to an interview for the film if they knew this was how their words were going to be portrayed. Here’s an interview form one of the trainers featured in the film, but if you want to skip the heavy reading, here’s an excerpt:

“Blackfish was a complete ‘180’ from what was originally presented to me.  Now, it’s almost like my worst fears are unfolding in front of me. When I first spoke with Tim and Gabriela, I truly felt like they were as passionate about the animals’ welfare as I was. I felt they believed in the relationships and respected my experiences and insight.”

When looking at it from a journalist’s perspective the movie seems biased and bias isn’t something that journalists are encouraged to let pass them by. I hope someone makes a documentary to follow “Blackfish” with other perspectives on the matter, possibly one that offers a solution to the problems presented instead of unleashing millions of activists who are angry and have no clear solution to work toward.

Some think that having killer whales in captivity should be stopped completely and all whales should be set free, but this could be cruel to the animals that have known nothing but captivity. Possibly an open water pen in the ocean that keeps the animals in human’s care. Another option is to stop the orca breeding program completely and let the captive line of animals die of natural causes and never put another wild orca in captivity again. There are so many ideas of what “we should do” out there, but the truth is nothing will change unless laws are made, and even then there would be so many things to figure out. I truly believe that one day marine mammal parks won’t exist, but I don’t know if that day will come in my lifetime.

Well, I certainly have strong opinions on the matter. Good thing this is a bias filled blog!


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