Girl Genius

I’m sitting here watching “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.” I know, you’re insanely jealous of my tragically awesome spring break activities. Remember that one? It’s an animated children’s movie about a boy genius who invents things in his spare time. One day he sends a satellite up into space and makes contact with aliens who end up stealing all the parents from the earth- resulting in children who don’t know how to care for themselves. You’ll have to watch the rest to recall what happens after, but this movie is blowing my mind.

I doubt any of the scientific things he’s saying would have made any sense to me when I was a kid because I’m just catching on to them now.

“Hang on- we’re passing through the stratosphere, now the mesosphere. entering ionosphere… Now I know why they all end in fear.”

What child would know what in the world those are? I certainly do now. My roommate majoring in meteorology made sure of that.  I’m not even sure the characters in the movie understand what they’re saying.

What a wacky time of entertainment. Even back then I knew I’d be a nerd for the rest of my life. I remember embracing this odd little film as a triumph of nerds around the world even in my childhood.

Don’t worry, someone out there appreciates the past memories of Jimmy Neutron too. Here’s a blog dedicated to the Revival of “Jimmy Neutron” just in case I sparked an old flame of passion from your childhood.







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