Where am I at now?

I’m still in the awkward middle ground of being a science nerd with an almost completed biology degree while working the beginnings of a photojournalism degree. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

My passion for photography has developed more than I ever thought it could. I’ll admit, although I do not like the traditional ‘hard hitting’ news that my studies are focused on, I am getting more comfortable approaching and interviewing people about news worthy stories. That’s saying a lot for me. I never would have gone up to someone I didn’t know and ask them about themselves before getting involved in journalism. I’m thankful for this new skill I gained. It’s making me a better photographer- no doubt.

So where do I hope to go? My lifelong goal is to make a photo series or video about some issue in animal ethics that is viewed on a large scale. I hope to bring this topic into the minds of people around the world who have never thought about it, and to the forefront of people’s minds who have. There has to be a reason I have these strong opposite passions in me, and combining them is the only thing that makes sense.

Of course, that’s not going to be a lifelong project that will provide me the money I need to live in our culture. I hope to work for some kind of nature, wildlife or science publication as a photographer. I would also like to be a staff photographer at a zoo, museum, national park, or something along those lines as well. Any of the above jobs would combine my passions and let me share them with others- which is my main goal.

I have found professionals to admire that have combined both of these fields including James Balog who is known for showing the effects of global climate change through photos of ice, and Joel Sartore who is known for his portraits of endangered animals.

I have a long way to go before having my dreams fulfilled, but the best part about it is I can’t wait for that long journey to take off. My portfolio, no doubt, needs work and will always be improving. I’ll always be appreciative of what both subject areas have given me in the educational journey, no matter how much they may differ.






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