“Sharing the love of science though photography and videography”


Kaiti Chritz is a photographer located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. She is currently a Central Michigan University student majoring in Biology and Photojournalism.

Biology stood out as a passion for Kaiti early on, and photography videography followed soon after. She hopes to share her passion of b
iology, in particular nature and wildlife, through her photos and videos- making the subject more approachable to those who have not studied the sciences. Naturally, landscapes and wildlife are some of her favorite subjects to capture, but she also enjoys studio work, including still life and portraiture, and human interest. She takes special interest in biological and wildlife documentary work.

Current Position: 

Photo Editor: Central Michigan Life

Previous Positions: 

Alaska OASLC Media Intern: (Kenai Fjords National Park and Katmai National Park)

Photo Editor: Grand Central Magazine (Campus Life, Style, Sports, Opinion)

Photography Intern: CMU College of Science and Technology

Contact Me:

Kaiti Chritz

Email: chrit1ka@cmich.edu

See “Portfolios” above for photo and video portfolio links

To see more of her work, including portrait work, please visit her Facebook page